The Wives of Hans Peter Jensen (1844-1931)

I am working on figuring out Hans Peter Jensen's wives. On Family Search he has been listed with four wives. Karen Marie Nielsen has several sources and seems to be pretty well documented. The other three have no sources attached and so far have been rather difficult to find. It is rather bewildering. I suspect that at least some of them were attached to Hans Peter Jensen's record by mistake. Versions of the name Peter Jensen are very common in Utah--there are several in the 1910 Mapleton Census alone, and they're not even all related. As I work on detangling this mystery, I will be updating this page with what I find out about the other listed wives. Please share any information you have that might be helpful!

Ann Marie Jorgensen
Alternate names on Family Search include Ann Marie Palson and Ann/Ane Marie Jorgensdatter. She is mentioned in Hans Peter Jensen's life history, which was published on this blog in this post.

The history says that she is buried in the Spanish Fork Cemetery and her grave is a small, flat stone that simply says, "Mother." There is a picture of a headstone on Billion Graves that matches that description. It also says that it is next to two other stones marked "Menna" and "Louis." I was not able to find these on Billion Graves, but it turns out that the Spanish Fork Cemetery has pretty good records and information available. I found a lot of information using their searchable map. It looks like the life history is mostly right about her. The cemetery lists her as Annie M. Jensen, born 8/17/1832 and died 1/7/1918 (the history says she died in 1915). Hers is one of five graves in a row all owned by Hans P. Jensen. Her stone just says, "Mother." Next to her is Louis, and next to him is Menna. Then comes Karen Marie Nielsen and then Hans Peter Jensen. Louis is recorded by the cemetery as Louis Jensen (although he and Menna were from Ann's first marriage). He was born on 8/15/1865 and died on 11/27/1883. Menna's record has only her name. If they both died of typhoid fever perhaps they died around the same time. Only Louis and Menna's first names are on their stones.

This is the listing on Billion Graves of a headstone that just says "Mother." I don't know if it is Ann Marie's. There is no picture of her stone on the Spanish Fork Cemetery website.

Here are Louis and Menna's headstones:

There are still some issues with Ann Marie Jorgensen Jensen's page on Family Search. A first husband is listed, but the children that they had together don't match the ones listed in the life history. Louis and Menna also are not on the list. It looks like there's some fixing to be done. But from what I have found so far it seems like she really was Hans Peter Jensen's second wife.

I was curious about the ordinance records showing Hans Peter Jensen's marriages, so I asked some of my in-laws about how I could see them. I found out that they can only be viewed in Salt Lake City, but since she happened to be in Salt Lake City this week, my mother-in-law kindly looked up the records for me. She found that Hans Peter Jensen was sealed to Karen Marie and married for time only to Ann Marie Jorgensen. This would suggest that Ann Marie was already sealed to her first husband. The only sealing that took place was between Hans Peter and Karen Marie.

Jackpot! I found her death certificate! It says her parents' names were Jorgen Palisen and Gertru Marie Palison, which is similar to what her parents' names are on Family Search (Jorgen Christensen and Gjertrud Marie Pallesen) and may also explain the last name of Palson that Ann Marie is given on Family Search.

I've been working on this problem off and on for over a year now and feeling like I couldn't find anything else. For some reason it was really worrying me. In Hans Peter Jensen's life history it lists five of her children, and since the names of her children on Family Tree were different I was convinced that she had been mistakenly merged with another person with the same name. At one point I found baptism records that corresponded with the children listed on Family Search, so I figured I would at least attach those to those children so that as I worked on this I would have information about them too. That was when I realized that one of the children, Andreas, also went by Andrew. Also, two of the children had died of Typhoid fever, which is what Menna and Louis died of. I took another look at all of the children and realized that almost every single one of them had changed their names significantly at some point, which is why I hadn't seen a resemblance between their names and the ones listed in Hans Peter Jensen's life history. They also apparently went by a few different last names, including Jorgensen, Andersen, Jensen, and Johnson, which also made things confusing. So in the end it looks like Family Search has the right information. There still aren't really enough records to prove that it's right (I haven't looked that hard yet), but I'm pretty sure that it is. Now that I know a little more information about their names I will be able to find more records and sources about them.

There are eight children listed on Family Search. Three of them apparently stayed in Denmark, which might explain why they aren't mentioned in Hans Peter Jensen's life history. Here are the names of the children as listed in the history, with their Danish names listed on the right:

Pete--James Peter Johnson
Mary--Karen Marie Jorgensen
Andrew--Andreas Andersen
Menna--Ane Tomine Andersen
Louis--Laurits Andersen

See what I mean? A lot of the names are different enough that at first glance you wouldn't think they were the same person.

Bodel Marie Jensen

Someone deleted the relationship between this person and Hans Peter Jensen on Family Search. When I was starting to look into this issue, I found a death certificate for a son named Joseph Jensen whose parents were Bodel Marie Jensen and Peter Jensen, so I think there was a person named Bodel Marie who was married to a Peter Jensen, but I don't think there is any evidence that it is the same Peter Jensen. I do intend to look into this a little more to see if I can figure out what happened and who she is.

Mary Petersen

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