Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jesse Benoni Warren--Ruby Snow Jensen's first husband

I was telling my mother about finding my grammy in the census and about learning that Ruby Snow had been married before, and she told me about Ruby's first husband, Jesse Benoni (not sure about that spelling) Warren. I found them in the US Census for 1910 in Groveland, Bingham, Idaho (Mom clued me in to the location by mentioning that they had moved to Blackfoot). They are on page 4, family number 62.

Mom said that Jesse died of appendicitis, and after that Ruby moved back to Mapleton, UT. Then she married Hans Peter Jensen, who had been a high school friend.

So, here's what we learn from the census:

Jesse B. Warren

  • 26 years old
  • Born in Utah
  • Parents born in Utah
  • Speaks English
  • Farmer
  • able to read and write
  • There are a couple more things at the end of the line, but the right side of the page is difficult to read.
Jesse and Ruby had been married for 6 years.

Ruby S.
  • Her name is misspelled as Rubby.
  • 25 years old
  • At this point, the mother of 4 children, all still living.
  • Born in Utah
  • Parents born in Utah
  • Speaks English
  • Able to read and write
  • Mabel
    • daughter
    • 5 years old
    • not attending school
  • Berten J.
    • Son
    • 3 years old
  • Welby S.
    • Son
    • 1 year old
  • Eva
    • Daughter
    • 1 month old
Welby is in the 1930 Mapleton, Utah census living with Ruby and her second husband Hans Peter Jensen, who is my great-grandfather (see this post). I wonder where her other three children ended up after Jesse died. Welby was 21 at that point, so all of them were at sort of grown-up ages.

My mom told me about a daughter named Evelyn (Eva?) who pulled a mosquito net over herself when she was a tiny baby. They found her and were able to revive her, and she survived, but always had health problems after that--Mom said it was her heart.

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