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Biography of Francis Boggs (1807-1899)

Biography of Francis Boggs

Francis Boggs was born May 17, 1807 in Belmont County, Ohio. He was married to Evalina Martin, daughter of Reuben martin and Mary Swearingen in 1832. The Boggs family were visited by the L. D. S. missionaries and Francis Boggs was baptized a member of the church by John Cairn May 17, 1841 and took an active part in the building of the city of Nauvoo.

Before coming to Nauvoo they had the following children, Helen May born August 7, 1833, Reuben born December 4, 1835, Ephraim born October 23, 1839, and Zachariah Cairn born December 4, 1840. A daughter Mary was born in Nauvoo, April 12, 1843 and also a son Francis born October 25, 1845.

The Boggs family participated with the Saints in the exodus from the City of Nauvoo and when a selection of men was made to pioneer the way to the Rocky Mountains, Francis Boggs was chosen to go with the Historic Band who blazed the trail westward under the leadership of Brigham Young, arriving in the Valley July 24, 1847. Here he was joined by his wife Eveline and her small children when the 2nd Company of Pioneers arrived in September 1847.

The family made their home in Salt Lake City in the Eighth Ward, and while living in Salt Lake City two children were born to them, a daughter Eveline October 25, 1848 and a son Hyrum Smith Boggs born December 25, 1849. The family moved to Springville in 1850 and here three more daughters were born, Hannah born December 14, 1852, Phebe Jane born 18 June 1855 and Nancy Orpha born March 18, 1859.

From Springville the family moved to Fillmore and were called from there to help strengthen the town of Parawan and from Parawan they were called to the Las Vegas Mission. After returning to Parawan they were called to Dixie and they arrived in Washington, Washington County, Utah December 7, 1861. Here they made their home for the rest of their lives.

Francis Boggs was a faithful church worker and a hardy pioneer. He was a carpenter by trade and also engaged in farming. He filled a number of positions of honor and responsibility in the towns in which he lived. He served one term in the Utah Legislature. He died January 22, 1889 at Washington, Washington County, Utah.

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