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Life History of Velma Tyler Glenn (1906-1996): Part 6: Descendants

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Grandma Velma gives a lot of information here about her children and their families, including many dates and places. Since they are all still living as far as I know, I've opted to omit some of that information (mainly birth dates and places) for now in order to protect their privacy. If any of the people listed here would like me to remove more information, please let me know and I will be happy to do so.

Moena Glenn was born . . . in the old Twin Falls County Hospital, which is near and east of the new Magic Valley Memorial Hospital. She was the first grandchild on the Glenn side of the family. For that reason, I suppose, I had to have a private room and a special registered nurse, who was my husband's sister,
Thelma Glenn. She took complete care of me and the baby, Moena. She changed our clothes, our bed, gave us our baths. Before the Doctor came in for his daily visit, she would but [sic] a bit of makeup on me and a touch of color, and say to the Doctor, “Don't you think I have a pretty patient?"

When the baby and I came home from the hospital, Wesley's four sisters would each have to take turns holding her. Each would tell the other she didn't know how to hold her. They would try to sit her up but she was too young. She would just bend over. Poor little child. I was glad when they decided to go home and dreaded to see them come again. When she really got old enough to sit upright, the newness had worn off so they didn't bother her so much. Dr. Joseph Davis was our family Doctor.

Moena was married to Van Tassell Stonehocker, . . . in the Logan Temple, Logan, Cache Valley, Utah by Elder ElRay L. Christensen. They have eight children:
          Wesley Glenn Stonehocker
          Thomas Perry         "
          John LaRe1e          "
          Mitchell Cory         "
          Sydney Dean         "
          Marcelle Susann     "
          Michael Bradley     "
          James Andrew       "

Wesley filled a mission in California South. Thomas in New Jersey, Deleware [sic], Virginia and Washington DC. Mitchell filled a mission in England. Sydney filled a mission in Norway. Michael filled a mission in Arizona and Minnesota.

Moena was baptized 1 March 1939, by Kenneth Johnson and confirmed by William Egbert at the same time, in the old Twin Falls Stake house, by the Park. The building has been torn down.

Moena graduated from Kimberly High School, and attended the University of Idaho and the Beloit College, studying music.

Patricia Ann Glenn was born at home (at that time) on Highland Av in the south eastern secion [sic] of Twin Falls, about a block south of the railroad . . . Dr. Joseph Davis was the attending physician and Wesley's sister was the nurse (Thelma) . She stayed with us and took care of us for a week. Patricia was baptized 6 April, 1940, in the old stake house on 4th Avenue, east in Twin Falls by S S Bartlett and confirmed by Herman G Lind. In those days, when our children were small or baptismal age, certain men were assigned to do all the baptizing and confirming each month. The father wasn't given the privilege.

Patricia graduated from Kimberly High School and studied business at Heneger's Business College in Salt Lake City, Utah.

She was married, . . . , to Allan Eugene Bates in the Idaho Falls Temple by William L Kilpack, Temple President.

Allan and Patricia have four children:

          Derald Orman Bates
          Lisa Louise           "
          Mary Annette       "
          Charlotte Yvonne "

Derald Ormas Bates filled a mission in Kentucy [sic] and Tennessee in 1976 and 1977

Donald Wesley Glenn was born . . . in the old hospital east of the new Twin Falls Memorial Hospital, Twin Falls, Twin Falls, Idaho. He was our first boy. I sure was thrilled about that. Donald was baptized by M F Lind and confirmed by W A Masters, 4 October, 1941. He was ordained to all the offices of the priesthood by his father, Jerald Wesley Glenn except to the office of High Priest. He was ordained a High Priest by Lloyd A Hamelton, the Stake President of the Twin Falls Stake, 18 February, 1968.

Donald graduated from Kimberly High School and received a Bachlors [sic] of Science degree from the Universtiy [sic] of Idaho, at Moscow.

Donald was married to Bonnie Ann Pickett, . . . , in the Idaho Falls Temple by William L Kilpack. They had nine children:
          Daniel Allan Glenn
          Tony Lee            "
          Rebecca Ann      "
          Norman Donald  "
          Patrick Tyler       "
          Michael Andrew "
          Martin Joseph     "
          Gary Gorden       "
          Timothy William   "

Derald Boyd Glenn was born . . . at home on the farm one mile north and one mile west of Kimberly, Idaho, on highway US 30. Dr. Joseph Davis was still our Doctor. His nurse, Olive Tate, was with me all afternoon and evening. She was supposed to watch me and call the Doctor as soon as she thought she should. The nurse had me on the bed and everything in readiness. I felt some extra pressure and told her. She put me to bed and my husband, Wesley called the Doctor. The baby decided to come and not wait for anyone--so he came before the Doctor got there. The Doctor came rushing in and said, "Why didn't you call me sooner?" She said we did but the baby come too quickly. Everything went OK. Mother and son doing fine.

Derald graduated from Kimberly High School, attended the University of Idaho at Moscow as a music major for two years. A representative from Boeing Aircraft Co. in Renton, Washington come to Moscow and persuaded Derald and some of the other boys to go to Seattle, Washington to help build airplanes. He and his family lived in Seattle while he worked for Boeing. When he had been there about two and a half years, he decided he wanted to come back and help his dad farm in the Kimberly area. This he did. He is still farming and his Dad is helping him during the summer (and loves it).

Derald was baptized 25 February 1945 by A Stanley Brown and confirmed by his father, Jeraid Wesley Glenn. His father ordained him to all the offices of the Priesthood except the office of Seventy. He was ordained to that office by Paul H Dunn.

Derald married Lois Adelaide Taylor, . . . in the Idaho Falls Temple by William L Kilpack, Temple President.

The Children of Derald Boyd G1enn and Lois Adelaide Taylor---
          Debra Kay Glenn
          Kevin Jerald Glenn
          Cherise Renea   "
          Loriann              "
          Janeil Marie       "
          Maria Elizabeth  "
          Melanie Jeanine  "
          Nesha Michelle   "
          Karen Leann       "
          Jason Derald       "

As of 14 February, 1979, Velma Tyler and Jerald Wesley Glenn have had four children, 31 grandchildren, and 22 great grandchildren. Eleven of the great grandchildren are Stonehockers , 4 are Bates, 6 are through Derald Glenn and l is through Donald Glenn.

All of the data on these families can be found in the ward records to which they belong and in the Church Office Building, Records Department, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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