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Life History of Velma Tyler Glenn (1906-1996): Part 7

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I had Measels (the big red) , German measels or Rubella, mumps, whooping cough, typhoid fever, rhumatic [sic] or maybe I had typhoid fever again the next summer. The Doctor wasn't sure what I had. My hair almost all came out and I could peel my skin off in flakes after I got up from the bed after I recovered from both sicknesses. I also had the chicken pox. All these by the time I was 13 years old.

When I was very small, just walking, I ran into a kettle of hot water the older children had set on the floor, and burned byself [sic] very severely. The scars that it made stayed with me until I was grown. The scars I saw were on my right leg and hip. One of the scars on my leg between my knee and hip was about two inches wide and at least six inches long. I can't remember when they completely disappeared.

In the 1960's, I was trying to feed the cows and fell against a plow and cracked my ribs. They hurt me for months. Another time, I was under the car, trying to help locate a bolt. The car slipped off and cracked my ribs again. This hurt me for months. I couldn't get comfortable sitting up or laying down unless I took something to kill the pain.

The first week in March, 1977, we had been cleaning the freezer and I decided to get the food replaced in it. I tried to lift a box of meat which I didn't know was three times too heavy for me to lift . I twisted my back bone and ribs and bruised all the organs in my body so much I could hardly bare [sic] to move for a year. I went to Dr. Pond . He had my back x-rayed but didn't do anything to help me but give my some pain pills. They didn't kill all the pain, it was so severe.

Last March, 1978, I started to go to a chiropractor, Dr. Alan Fox. He helped my back. Dr. Fox had me come twice per week for awhile. Then I fell twice that summer and got my back out of alignment in four places. I am going to him now (March 1979) sometimes once or twice each month. My back will not stay in alignment very long. The one place between my shoulders hurts and pinches my nerves almost continually.

Repair and uterus straightened 1939
Hysterectomy 1949
Legation (some of the veins in my legs striped) 1960
Hemorroidectomy 9 January 1975
I think that‘s all. Anyway, who wants to readvaH this? ? ?

Almost everything . . . Food, . . Grasses, . . . weeds, fungi, moulds.
If I get chilled, I break out with hives, or nervous
Other than Hives, Allergies and Sinus, Allergies can and do affect me either way.

Vacinations [sic] - Immunizations --
Smallpox, Diptheria, in the 1930's or early in the 1940's. Polio and tetanus booster in 1975.

Sports  I like softball, basketball, tennis , volley ball, riding a horse and in a car. I don't care to participate now--too old, I guess. I like to see others participate. I don't care for rough games, like wrestling, boxing, and football. I never learend [sic] to swim. I am still frightened of water if it is over ankle deep.

Music  I have always loved good music. My favorite kind of music--folk, classical , patriotic, religious, etc. The relatives I knew and heard of on my mother's side of the family loved music. They sang, danced, and could play some musical instruments--violin, accordian. Grandfather John Gabriel Hogan's sister, Delilah, was a very excellent ball room dancer. It was said of her that they were sure she could dance all night with a bucket of water on her head and never spill a drop. My father, Rufus Black Tyler, was also considered a good ball room dancer. I never saw him dance. I suppose he thought when anyone got married, they should settle down and rear and take care of their family. This he did.

Hobbies Knit, crochet, sew, embroider, quilt and read good books. The books that have influenced me most are: The Standard Works of the Church (LDS), the magazines they publish. I also like to read history and study geography. I keep letters of Genealogical information, and some of the immediate family letters.

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