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{History of Mapleton} Hans Peter and Karen Marie Nielsen Jensen

This is from The History of Mapleton, by Ralph K. Harmer and Wendell B. Johnson, on page 143.

Hans Peter Jensen was born June 20, 1844 in Denmark. He was the son of Jens Peder Pedersen and Karen Hansen. His parents were farmers and he spent his early life working on their farm. As he grew older he found work in a nearby city and it was here that he met his future wife.

Karen Marie Nielson was born January 6, 1845 at Torslev Denmark. She was the daughter of Niels Pederson and Maren Andersen. When she was fourteen her mother died and she was forced to earn her own living. This she did by working in other people’s homes, scrubbing their floors, milking the cows, and spreading fertilizer on their fields. It was too hard of work for a young woman and it left its mark on her.

Hans Peter and Karen Marie were married November 5, 1869. About a year after their marriage Hans Peter heard the Mormon missionaries speak and was much impressed by their doctrine. His cousin Chris Sorensen had been responsible for this, but Hans Peter’s family were quite bitter when he and his wife joined the Mormon church. To keep from having any trouble with mobs, the young couple were baptized about midnight March 5, 1871. They had to cut a hole through ice that was two feet thick and their clothing froze to them as soon as they got out, but no one troubled them.

In June of 1871 the young couple left Denmark to come to Utah. They arrived in Salt Lake City on July 24th and then traveled to Spanish Fork. They lived in Spanish Fork for a year and then moved down by the lake where they rented a farm for about two years. Sometime later, they moved to Mapleton and bought a farm at about 60 South and 1600 West. During this period of their lives Hans Peter went on two different missions back to Denmark, but both were cut short and he had to come home because of illness.

Hans Peter and his wife were both hard workers. They often told of dreams that they had which helped keep them on the straight and narrow. Hans devoted much time administering to the sick and helping out his neighbors; as a result, he was liked and respected by almost everyone who knew him. His wife was also a respected member of the community.

Hans Peter and Karen Marie’s family consisted of Caroline, Erastus, Joseph, Mary Eliza, Hans Peter, Niels Christian, Allie Morris and one other son who died in infancy. Joseph, Pete, and Chris all spent the major part of their lives working and living in Mapleton. Peter bought his father’s farm after his health gave out and Joe and Chris were well established in the center of town.

Karen Marie Jensen passed away March 9, 1926 in Spanish Fork where she and her husband had moved after selling their farm. Shortly thereafter, Hans Peter moved back to Mapleton and lived in a small home by his son, Joseph, near the center of town. He spent a few years there and then lived with his daughter Mary Eliza at Spring Lake until he died in 1931. His funeral was held in Mapleton and he was buried in the Spanish Fork cemetery.

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