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{History of Mapleton} Ruby Snow Jensen Warthen

This is from The History of Mapleton, by Ralph K. Harmer and Wendell B. Johnson, on page 146.

Ruby Snow Warren Jensen was born on November 29, 1884 at Mapleton, Utah. She was the oldest child of Edwin M. and Francis Evaline Perry Snow, and she spent her younger years helping at home and attending the local schools. On a cold spring day, March 28, 1893, she was baptized at the Big Hollow to allow her to attend the Salt Lake Temple dedicatory services on April 6, 1893. Since she was past eight years of age she had to be baptized and have a recommend in order to attend.

Ruby graduated from Mapleton School in 1899 and went one winter to the Brigham Young Academy. She also worked for a period of time as a dressmaker and became an excellent seamstress. At age fifteen, Ruby had her first church assignment as a secretary in the Primary. Shortly afterward, she was set apart as a Sunday School librarian and about 1901 she also worked as Sunday School and ward organist.

On May 25, 1904 Ruby married Jesse Benoni Warren, the son of Amos B. Warren. They had four children: Mabel Warren Hansen, Burton, Welby, and Evalyn Warren Pomel. (Evalyn died on March 30, 1937 following the birth of her second child.)

Jesse and Ruby lived in Utah until March of 1909 when they sold their home and bought a small farm in Idaho. Eventually they rented more land and bought another small farm. But Jesse died of appendicitis on October 25, 1913 at Blackfoot, Idaho and was brought back to the Evergreen Cemetery to be buried. Ruby returned to Mapleton with her four children and lived with her folks. She worked in the Mapleton Store for nearly a year to provide for her young family.

On March 24, 1915 Ruby married Hans Peter Jensen in the Salt Lake Temple. They had five children: Elmo M., Alene Jensen Warthen, Ruth LaVonne Jensen Starlin, Jenna V. Jensen Warthen, and Stanley Edwin. (Elmo died in Avondale, Arizona on August 20, 1961.)

During this period of her life Ruby worked in the church as Relief Society organist from 1917 until March 14, 1939. She also served the ward as organist and chorister for many years. She was a visiting teacher for twenty-one years and secretary to the Genealogical Society for a number of years. Ruby was also active as the Perry family genealogist and computed temple work for over 1,000 families during a period of thirty years.

Ruby’s husband Pete died on April 3, 1960 at his home in Mapleton. Ruby lived for another six years at her Mapleton home with her youngest son Stan. During this time she visited with her family and did a good deal of genealogy work. On May 21, 1966 Ruby passed away at home, and like her two companions, was buried in the Evergreen Cemetery.

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