Sunday, August 16, 2015

{History of Mapleton} Sarah Elizabeth Whiting Snow

This is from The History of Mapleton, by Ralph K. Harmer and Wendell B. Johnson, on page 170.

Sarah was born on January 2, 1840, in Nelson, Portage County, Ohio. She was the fourth child of Edwin and Elizabeth Tillotson Whiting. Her parents joined the L. D. S. Church and moved to Illinois. It was there that the mob came and burned their home. Although very young, Sarah remembered the scene of their burning home and father’s chair factory. Sarah’s family was driven with the rest of the Saints away from Nauvoo, and, from there, they crossed the plains. Sarah, although only eight years old, helped drive their wagon team. They arrived in Salt Lake City in late October and were sent on to Manti in November to help settle that area. They were too late to construct homes, so they had to live in “dug-outs”, which were holes they dug in the hillside.

Sarah married Warren S. Snow on April 20, 1857. She was seventeen. Her husband had joined the L. D. S. Church when he was fifteen. He lived with the Prophet Joseph Smith for a while. He crossed the plains and also came to settle in Manti. He arrived in Manti in 1854. He was made a bishop and held that position for six years. He was a general in the Black Hawk War.

Warren and Sarah had three children: Edwin Marion, Clara Elizabeth, and Daniel Wells. The Snows moved to Mapleton in 1894. Sarah’s husband passed away before the rest of the family moved to Mapleton. Sarah worked for many years in the Relief Society. She was lovingly called “Aunt Sarah”. She died in 1918 on November 23 as a result of the flu epidemic.

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