Wednesday, September 30, 2015

{History of Mapleton} The Little Town of Mapleton

This was found in The History of Mapleton, by Ralph K. Harmer and Wendell B. Johnson, on page 184.

The Little Town of Mapleton

by Louisa Meletia Whiting Johnson

There’s a pretty town in Utah,
Beneath a mountain high,
Where breezes from the canyons,
Cool, refreshing, ever sigh.
Once the Red Man built a teepee
On this, our unknown land.
Where rabbits and coyotes,
Roamed undisputed, free
Now stands the Town of Mapleton,
That’s good enough for me.

In the modest Town of Mapleton,
Goodfellowship is found
Among friends and peaceful neighbors.
If you’ll only look around.
Alfalfa fields abundant,
Rich fields of beets and grain,
Small fruits and yellow peaches
Are shipped from here by train.
And rosy cheeked ripe apples
In orchards here we see,
In the fruitful Town of Mapleton,
That’s good enough for me.

Here bright eyed, romping children,
And lads and lassies meet,
At Sunday school and mutual
Or on the quiet street.
At basketball or social,
Or in the mazy whirl,
Each lad is gentle, courteous
Seeing safely home his girl.
And the music of our orchestra,
Makes happy moments flee,
In the opera house of Mapleton,
That’s good enough for me.

When the Bishop makes an urgent call
The Elders are on hand
To guide aright the people,
Dwelling in this quiet land.
Where the Mutual and the Boy Scouts
Meet promptly once a week
Each ernest youth or maiden
Culture and wisdom seek.
And Relief Society sisters
Aid all distress they see,
Of the pleasant Town of Mapleton
That’s good enough for me.

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