Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Righteous Branch

Recently my Aunt Sue sent me pdf files of some life histories, and it has been such a treat to read through them. I just finished reading the life history of Hans Peter Jensen and his wife Karen Marie Nielsen, who joined the church in Denmark and emigrated to the United States. They are my great-great grandparents. At the end of the history are transcriptions of their patriarchal blessings. One line in Karen Marie's blessing stuck out to me: "for thou wast called and chosen of the Lord to come forth in this dispensation to assist in bringing forth a righteous Branch to the Lord. And thy Posterity shall be numerous upon the earth. and they shall enjoy all the blessings of the new and everlasting covenant. and shall become a mighty people in the midst of Zion."

I thought it was pretty amazing to read that part after reading about her life. Except for one of Hans Peter's cousins, it sounds like the rest of their family did not join the church, so when they joined the church and then left all of their family to be with the Saints in Utah, they really were starting a new righteous branch and being grafted into a different tree. I'm sure by now they have hundreds of descendants who have been blessed because of them. I feel very inspired by their examples of faithfulness. It motivates me to live in such a way that I can see them one day and feel that I have been a source of credit and joy to them.

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