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Hans Peter Jensen (1844-1931) and Karen Marie Nielsen (1845-1926) histories, Part 5: Hans Peter Jensen Missionary Service

These pages had several pictures. I have transcribed the text and then put images of these pages with the captions to the pictures at the end so you can see the pictures.

Hans Peter Jensen Missionary Service

Hans Peter Jensen served two missions for the Church to his native Denmark. Since his mother lived in Denmark until she was 90, he saw her when he was on his first mission in 1900. He was released early from his first mission, which was a concern to him as he would have preferred to finish his mission. This probably accounts for his serving a second mission, even though Karen was very sick when he left. This second time he had to come home because of poor health.

After his second mission, he was not well enough to do his farm work, so he sold his farm to his son Peter and moved back to Spanish Fork where he and Karen lived until her death on March 9, 1926.

We have several original documents from the Scandinavian Mission that show his service there. The first shows that he was released from service in the Aalborg Conference on March 5, 1901. His date of arrival is

A second document shows that he was assigned again to the Aalborg Conference on May 25th, 1906.

A third document from the Scandinavian Mission shows he was released from service from his second mission on 1 February 1907 from the same conference. The release papers show his passage from Liverpool on the ship SS Cymric leaving on Feb. 7th of 1907.

The last on [one?] the "White Star Line Passager Kontract Nr. 13," written in Danish as well as English, shows the passage being arranged 29 January 1907, traveling first by train and then by steamer for Boston, USA.

No journals or other personal notes of his mission are known to exist. Clare Jensen Arnett provides some notes and clippings that detail the early beginnings of the church in Denmark along with other happenings. The year of these notes, taken from the Diary of the Pioneers, is 1851. Although missionary work in Denmark had begun years earlier, Hans Peter Jensen would likely have been subject to some of the same hostile treatment as other missionaries as indicated in the notes below.

May - The Book of Morman was translated into the Danish language by Peter O. Hansen, and was published by Erastus Snow in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was the first edition of the book printed in a foreign language. The first number of the Eteile du Deseret, (Star of Deseret) a monthly periodical, was published in the interest of the Church by Elder John Taylor. 
August 21 - The saint's [sic] assembly hall at Aalborg, Denmark, was demolished by a mob, which also mistreated some of the brethren. 
Aug 16 - The first General Conference in the Scandinavian Mission convened in Copenhagen, Denmark. Erastus Snow presided, continued fer three days. 
Oct. 24 - Elder Hans Peter Jensen (not our grandfather) and Hans Larsen received cruel treatment from a mob in Bornholm, Denmark for preaching the Gospel. 
A number of the Saints were cruelly treated by a mob in Brondbyoster, Sjaeiland,
A newspaper clipping, apparently from the Church News dates 1974, June 16, Copenhagen, Denmark-“The Copenhagen Denmark Stake, the first in that country was organized by President Ezra Taft Benson of the Council of the Twelve. Missionary work had begun in Copenhagen in 1850, the first baptisms having taken place in Aug 12 of that year. The first branch was organized the following September, and over the next 80 years more than 26,000 people joined the Church in Denmark.”

Clara also notes, “Grandpa's favorite Apostle was Apostle Widsoe (John A). How he loved to meet him as he could talk the Danish language with Hans. I often wondered why he was his favorite but after reading the “Gospel Net" by John A Widsoe, I know. Grandpa was on a Mission at the same time as Apostle Widsoe’s Mother and her sister and is in one of the missionary pictures with them."

Hans, the missionary. The mounting frame identifies the photographer as N.C. Madsen, Aalborg, at address, Algede 57 (Denmark)

Hans is wearing the same black coat, which is still in the possession of the Marie Jensen Whiting Family. It is a winter coat and very heavy.

He evidently likes this nice heavy coat.

Here is the second picture from that page in better quality, taken from Family Search.

Hans Peter Jensen Missionary

Hans Peter Jensen Family Portrait

This picture of the family of Hans Peter and Karen Marie Jensen, with Hans absent, was taken while he was serving a mission to his native Denmark. Front: Hans Peter, Karen Marie, Mary Eliza (Lizzie), Allie Morris. Back: Neils Christian, Joseph, Erastus, Caroline

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