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Hans Peter Jensen (1844-1931) and Karen Marie Nielsen (1845-1926) histories, Part 4: His Gift of Healing

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His Gift of Healing

Few people had the faith that Hans did. He was always helping with the sick. For example, Albert Milton Whiting, father of Harriet Jensen, had been ill all winter with heart trouble. One Sunday afternoon the family went over and knelt down while Grandpa Jensen offered a prayer. Grandpa Whiting began to improve and was able to go places until his death some months later.

One night when he lived in Spanish Fork, he was coming from the barn after doing chores, and something said, “Go over to your neighbor and administer to her; she is very ill." He walked into the house and told his wife. She said if he were wanted, the neighbors would come after him. He kept thinking about it and finally put on his coat and left the house for the neighbor's. As he entered the house, he could hear a woman crying as if she were in great pain. When she saw him she said, "Oh, brother Jensen, you have come to save my life. I have been praying that you would come. If you will administer to me, I will be healed." He laid his hands on her head and pronounced the blessing. As he took his hands from her head, three gal stones [sic] passed from her and she got well. She said she was [sic] never been bothered after that.

Another time, Hans felt impressed to go to Mendenhall‘s; he had been over earlier in the day assisting with a little sick daughter. About midnight, something awoke him and told him to go help, so he walked back over to Mendenhall’s, a distance of a mile. They had been praying that he would come. The young daughter, Helen, had been ill for some time. Grandpa gave her a blessing. No one could count the trips he made to Mendenhall’s when Helen had a ruptured appendix. Helen got well and went to school for a year before she died suddenly of a heart attack after being to Primary that day. Her funeral was on the lawn at Mendenhall’s and all the Primary children walked to the nearby cemetery after the hearse.

Bruce Mendenhall shares the following about his Grandmother, Eliza Rebecca Tew Mendenhall. "Some time after I was born, Mother was very sick. Brother Hans Peter Jensen was sent for to help administer to her. He said, ‘Sister Mendenhall, do you care if I speak in my own tongue?” He was a returned missionary from Denmark. Mother said, 'No, not a bit.‘ Brother Jensen gave her a wonderful blessing that was the turning point in her recovery. "

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