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Sarah Elizabeth Whiting Snow (1840-1918)



Springville, Utah
March 15, 1892

I was born January 2, 1840, in the town of Nelson, Portage County, Ohio, the fourth child of Elizabeth Partridge Tillotson and Edwin Whiting, my parents having joined the Church before I was born. They soon joined the Saints at Far West, Caldwell County, Missouri. While there, my Father with others of the brethren, were forced to lay down their arms by order of Governor Boggs.

My Father moved from this state into a small settlement called Lima, Illinois. While in this place, the mob came and burned our houses, first allowing the women folks to carry their beds and furniture outside. Although very young at the time, I can well remember this scene, also the burning of my Father's chair factory.

Our next resting place was at Nauvoo, Illinois, living there one year. Here my brother, Edwin Lucious, was born. My Mother, one of the first to give consent for her husband to take more wives, my Father married Mary cox in the temple at Nauvoo. From here we journeyed west, stopping at Mt. Pisgah, Iowa, where we lived for three years.

My parents passed through all the drivings and mobbings in Missouri and Illinois. In the spring of 1849, we started across the plains with one team, arriving in Salt lake City the last of October. The same fall Father was chosen to continue our journey, in company with Father Morley, to make a settlement in Sanpete Valley, having to make the roads and encountering storms. We arrived at the place now called Manti late in November. The brethren hastily dug out some holes in the south side of the hill, where now stands the beautiful temple, putting on dirt roofs where we lived this winter.

In the spring we built on our city lots, but were forced to build forts and move into them as the Indians had become hostile. My father suffered a great deal from the loss of stock that the Indians drove off.

I was married to Warren S. Snow, April 20, 1857, age 17. My husband being one of the first to join the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when a boy of 15. He lived for some time with the Prophet Joseph. He arrived in Manti in the year of 1854, soon after he reached Manti he was ordained a bishop, which position he held for over six years.

(When the Black Hawk War broke out, he was appointed general. While in a skirmish with the Indians, he was wounded in the arm. He, with others, lost many cattle, horses and property at the hands of the Indians.)

I am the mother of three children:

Edwin Marion Snow, born at Manti, November 21, 1859.
Clara Elizabeth, born January 5, 1862, Manti. Moved to Springville in 1865.
Daniel Wells Snow, born April 18, 1873, at Springville.

I became a member of the Relief Society soon after joining the Springville Ward.

I have now been an acting teacher for more than ten years.

My son Edwin married Frances Evaline Perry 9 April 1883 in the Salt Lake Endowment.

Clara Snow married William Thomas Tew January 31, 1884.

The following is written by Ruby Snow Jensen

To my children and grandchildren:

She was a Relief Society worker for twenty years in the Springville Ward and then the Springville First Ward. The family home was where the Art Building now stands. They moved to Mapleton in 1894 and in 1904 she was made second counselor in the Relief society of Mapleton, working with Caroline Warren as president and Annie Whiting as first counselor about four years. She was lovingly called Aunt Sarah. She died (from flu) November 23, 1918.

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