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Ruby Snow Warren Jensen (1884-1966) Autobiography, Part 5

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Through the study of our lineage, I find that my chain of mortal life came down from Adam, through Enoch and Noah, and Shem. Through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, through Joseph and Ephraim.

My heritage through Ephraim, if I am faithful, entitles me to a heritage in my Father's house, gives me a right to mingle with the Prophets and Holy Ones, and, if faithful to my covenants, all of the privileges of the Celestial Kingdom. Through the blessings which were given to Ephraim, my grandparents and great grandparents had the gospel message brought to them by the missionaries. They embraced the gospel and received, in time, the ordinances of the Holy Priesthood in the Holy Temples of the Lord. And so it was my heritage to be born in the covenant, through a line of good parentage. It is my privilege to work in the Holy Temples for the salvation of my dead kindred, those who died before the restoration of the gospel. I may be a Savior to those who cannot do work for themselves and thus gain blessings for myself and salvation for those for whom I work.

I have enjoyed my work very much during the past year in our class work and have gained much valuable information through the efforts of our class leaders.

Through my research in this years [sic] study, I have over two hundred (200) new progenitors and for this I am very grateful. I hope I may be able to gain much information in our next years [sic] course of study and that I may be able to be of help to others, that I may be able to pass on the good things I have learned, as the greatest joy in life comes from rendering service.

Service was the great work of the Savior, who gave all he had, even his life, for our joy and salvation.

If we do research for our dead kindred, prepare the records and ordinance sheets correctly, then see that all the Temple ordinances are performed, we will have done a little in following in the footsteps of our Savior. We will greatly enrich our lives, enlarge our souls and earn the reward of "Saviors on Mt. Zion."

May our class have a Happy New Year of research and Temple work for 1934.

New Years Resolutions:

That I will get my lessons prepared in the spirit in which they are given, thereby showing the leaders of our class that I appreciate their labors.

That I will make my life better by helping others, back up ward and stake officers by doing what I am asked to do.

That I will know my progenitors better than anyone else knows them.

          Ruby S. Jensen

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