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Hans Peter Jensen (1844-1931) and Karen Marie Nielsen (1845-1926) histories, Part 8: His Last Days in Lake Shore and The Temple Books

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His Last Days in Lake Shore

Hans Peter JensenHis health failing, Hans went to live in Lake Shore (west of Spanish Fork) with Lizzie, his oldest daughter, for a couple years before he died. One time, Harriet went over to help her. First she took the barley and malt that he had and made some beer. When she handed it to him he said, “Oh Sister, you'll never know how good that tastes to me." He only lived a couple days after that.

Thelma Tweede Butler, Lizzie's daughter, had also moved to Spring Lake. She was married by then, but lived close by. She tells the following story:

"Grandpa liked to walk down the road with his cane. Father's horses were very curious and came close to the fence. When he put the cane in the air, they put their ears and tails up and ran. Grandpa would stand and laugh at them."

He died in Spring Lake at Lizzie's home on September 15, 1931. His last request was to be brought back to Mapleton for his funeral. He was buried in the Spanish Fork Cemetery by the side of his wife.

Muriel recalls one incident after Grandpa's funeral that, to her, was a miracle. "The closing prayer was given by Ellis Harmer. As he prayed, he asked that there would be no harm or accident befall anyone on the way to the cemetery. I was young then and thought that was a strange thing to say. There were three cars with the flower girls that went ahead to place the flowers on the grave before the procession got there.

I was in the car with Woodrow Tweede driving. Burton Warren and Uncle Bert Whiting draw the other two cars.

“There was a railroad track that crossed the road just at the top of a hill as we went down into Spanish Fork and some upright cattle guards about 6 or 8 feet from the side of the road on either side of the track so that no cattle would go through there and wander onto the track. Just before we got to them, Uncle Bert and Burton went acress the tracks and stopped on the other side and jumped out of their car to wave us down. By then it was too late, as we creased the track, the train came through where those cattle guards were and I looked right into the cow catcher since I was sitting in the back on that side. If Woodrow had even touched the brake, we would have surely been hit. The Lord had certainly answered that prayer."

The Temple Books

Among the papers of Hans Peter and Karen Marie Jensen are two “Temple Books”, showing their activities in the temple and their lineage and relationships. These are in delicate condition but show temple ordinance records and dates of those listed. They are interesting to study as they tell who was at the Temple and when, which ordinances were performed, and who the proxy was.

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