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Hans Peter Jensen (1844-1931) and Karen Marie Nielsen (1845-1926) histories, Part 12: Patriarchal Blessings and Cemetery Map

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Note from Marcelaine: I decided not to share the patriarchal blessings here due to the sacred and personal nature of patriarchal blessings. If you would like to read them, leave me an email address where I can send those pages to you, or you may be able to order a copy on lds.org under Sign In/Tools (people who are not members can still request ancestors' blessings). Here I will share just the first sentences that have useful information for genealogy.

Patriarchal Blessings

We have copies of Patriarchal Blessings for both Hans Peter and Karen Marie. In the case of Karen Marie, we have what is assumed to be on original paper, written on both sides in faint ink and a beautiful script, but with several errors of fact. These apparent errors have been retained in the transcription. Punctuation and other matters of style and grammar have been preserved as in the original. It is left to the reader to discern where these differences are and to understand the true meaning. Later transcriptions of both blessings, in the same handwriting, are also available. The later transcriptions also contain apparent discrepancies. For example, the date in the somewhat hard-to-read original, appears to be 1899, not 1879, as in the later copy. The 1899 date is probably more consistent with other dates in his life. The name of Karen Marie in the original is spelled Carn Mary. In the second transcription, someone has corrected the name to Karen Marie. The spelling of her birthplace is also different from other records that we have. We assume that the blessing, still in the hands of her descendants, was simply misspelled by the clerk.

Hans Peter

A Patriarchal Blessing of Hans Peter Jensen, son of Jens Petersen and Karen Hansen, given on Jan. 10, 1898. Born at Hjorring, Denmark, on 20 June, 1844. Blessing by Patriarch Chas D. Evans.

Spanish Fork City Dec 15, 1899

Karen Marie

A Patriarchal Blessing given Dec 15, 1879, by Zebedee Coltrin upon the head of Carn Mary Neilsen Jensen, daughter of Neils Peterson and Maren Anderson. Born Jan. 6, 1845, Faslu Denmark.

Pictures of their headstone can be seen on Find a Grave here.

And this is the end of this history!

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